The Old National Merchants Association develops programs and projects that strengthen and invigorate businesses and the Old National Corridor. We respond to ongoing member feedback, including information gathered through our Annual Membership Survey. We welcome your ideas. Equally important, we welcome your active participation.

Following are ONMA Standing Committees:

Membership and Member Services: recruits members, develops and maintains membership roster, helps to develop programs and initiatives to respond to member needs.

Public Relations: markets and publicizes ONMA and the corridor to the media and to prospective consumers.  

Finance: ensures the fiscal viability of the organization, including developing a budget and organization finance procedures; annual report. 


The Old National Improvements Initiative is a collaborative effort to create a VISION and comprehensive, sustainableSTRATEGY for addressing challenges and opportunities in four critical areas: public safety, aesthetics, image and social climate. The goals: to attract and keep quality businesses by creating an environment conducive to economic success, and that reflects the community’s culture and values.

Economic Development Taskforce Mission: Develop a strategy for identifying, attracting and retaining a greater diversity of desirable businesses and customers to the Old National Corridor.

Image and Perception Task Force Mission: Spreading positive awareness and creating activities that showcase the best of Old National. How the community can help:

  • Make the News (…and make it good)
    • Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Online Customer Reviews
    • Submit stories, write the editor, call radio and TV stations
  • Bring the best from elsewhere back to Old National: Ideas, people, events, etc. 
  • Be an Ambassador

Aesthetics Task Force Mission: Sustaining a clean, green, good-looking environment that reflects high standards and community pride. How the community can help:

  • Embrace Zero Tolerance for Trash
  • Adopt a Bus Shelter
  • FC Click-it and Citizen Deputy
  • Join Community Clean Ups
  • Compliment Well Maintained Businesses

Public Safety Task Force Mission: Reducing criminal activity, while increasing the general comfort level of Old National as a safe environment.  How the community can help:

  • Embrace Zero Tolerance foe Crime
  • Promote T.A.P. and Business Watch